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Our Refund policy. 

First and foremost, we thank you for the acknowledgment and thus purchase of a Stonecold Studios product. 


If you are browsing this page you must however be looking for a refund. If you have purchased the product/s, either accidentally, or have since the purchase changed your mind, we can off you a full refund no problem, although, this is only as long as the product/s has not yet been shipped.

After the purchased product/s have been shipped by us and a tracking number has been provided, we reserve the right to claim no responsibility for any damage, loss or theft of your item within the shipping process. In such an event, you must contact the listed postal service used to ship your order, to receive compensation.


If your order arrives defected or damaged in a way that is clear of cause from means within our control such as the manual hand packing we provide, or is of factory/manufacturer error we can offer partial refunds or returns, which leads us to our next section.


Outside of damage within our jurisdiction we can only and only accept returns if you have not opened and worn the product, as well as this the return back of this product comes at your expense.

Shipping and Fulfilment policy.

Shipping time is specific to each product depending on the type of garment sold and under which production fulfilment, in hand or pre-order, it is sold under. This general shipping time is found in the description of each item, and in the location specific shipping choices. For example international orders may take longer in some regions due to possible delays in customs processing.

In the unfortunate case that you may provide us with incorrect shipping information at checkout and the item is returned to us due to this, you will be offered the decision of either accepting a full, or partial refund (if any damage is sustained in the process) for the item, or repaying in full the total shipping cost of the item in order to direct it to the correct address.


It is also to be noted that international orders may also be subject to additional customs fees and taxes, which are the buyer's responsibility and cannot be covered by us.


This being said we guarantee you we always try our utmost hardest to provide you with a safe, secure and speedy delivery, with your product aiming to be shipped as soon as possible after it arrives with us.

Please do remember we are a two man team and all shipping is hand carried out by us product by product.


Stonecold Studios

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